Michigan's Ploud Home

Pilot Project

Follow the progress of the pilot project here. You'll find a list of the pilot libraries and more as the project develops.

Please Note:

There has been a project pause due to unforeseen circumstances. The pilot project is on temporarily on hold. Please watch the listserv for monthly updates.

There are four libraries in the pilot project from each of three states (Michigan, Oregon and Texas). The pilot libraries in all participating states had their migration fees and first year of hosting paid for by the national collaborative.

Pilot Libraries in Michigan:

  • Boyne District Library (class 3)
  • Fremont Area District Library (class 4)
  • Lapeer District Library (class 6)
  • Putnam District Library (class 2)

Rough Timeline:

  • March:  The final round of QA implementation is going on now and the goal date for finishing is the end of April. 
  • May 2 10:15 - 11:00: Plinkit Users Group Meeting at RLC with Aimee Errington. Pilot libraries will be asked to stand and be recognized. 
  • Summer months: Enfold on hold.

Pilot Library Selection Criteria:

In Michigan, I selected libraries based on the following criteria:

  • The group needed to represent a variety of class sizes with different resources behind them.
  • The group needed to represent sites with a variety of widgets and add-ons.
  • The individual libraries needed to have a track record of keeping up an active site.
  • The individual libraries needed to be willing to participate in a multi-month process that could involve significant staff time.
  • The individual libraries needed to be willing to report out to the wider Plinkit community about their experiences via the listerv and in webinars.

There were many libraries that qualified. If you were looking forward to participating I hope you'll be able to wait a few months longer until we can begin migrating additional libraries.