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Michigan's Ploud Home


Videos about Ploud operation from the Library of Michigan.
  • Sept 2020 Workshops for New Libraries

    On this page you'll find time-stamped subjects for four hour-long workshops.

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  • Oct 2020: Short Introduction to Ploud

    A 4-min video with program basics.

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  • Doing Ploud Right in Michigan

    Examples of Ploud sites done right in Michigan. Reviews graphic design, carousels, portlets, responsive design, unique features, cover pages, footers, displaying well on the web, and strong navigation.

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  • Basic Functionality

    Intro for beginners and calendars.

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  • Advanced Functionality

    Cover pages (drag and drop page layouts), Collections (tidy displays that bring together content from different areas of your site), Carousels (rotating images you can place on any page), Event registration software (new! summer 2018), and Controlling your navigation (the "drop-down Home" menu option)

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  • Ploud Hacks Everyone Should Know

    Site Clean Up and Basic Maintenance, Little Used Features to Be Aware Of, Looking Good on the Web, Tips and Tricks

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  • User Experience

    Four, short UX videos particular to the Ploud environment: Accessibility, Best Practices, Graphic Design, and Writing for the Web.

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  • If You Used to Have a Plinkit Site

    Before Ploud, this project was a multi-state library initiative known as Plinkit. If you started off with a Plinkit template and migrated to Ploud there are a few things you'll want to be sure to know.

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  • LocalHop

    Hour-long, May 20 webinar.

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