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Ploud Hacks Everyone Should Know

Site clean-up and basic maintenance
Tips everyone should be aware of
Looking good on the web

Site Clean Up and Basic Maintenance

(7:02). 1. Using thumbnail view to make it easy to clean up Images folder. 2. Cutting and pasting images out of root (or other) folder contents and into Site Assets-Images folder. 3. Old user clean up. 4. The importance of staying out of Site Setup except for Users and Groups.

Tips and Tricks

(7:32) 1. Using Display options to make your folders look better. 2. How to move items, especially subfolders, around in a folder. 3. To update the dates on your news items so they look fresher, go into "Dates." 4. Using drop-down menu to add new selection options to folders. 5. To go down one line, SHIFT+ENTER.

Looking Good on the Web

(6:21) Sonya talks about some of the ways you can control how your site appears on the web. 1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo your site. See the importance of using the Summary field. 2. Google business profile.