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Resources for Developing a Community Calendar

In the summer of 2020, we will publish Best Practices Guidelines based on the experiences of the pilot project working group. During the pilot year, this page will continue to grow with the materials that they are developing. The working group was self-selected during the first quarter progress survey.

Working Group Libraries

Bad Axe District Library

A class II library in Huron county that has started off with a bang. Check back in the winter to hear their story.

Cadillac Wexford Public Library

A class V county library that got board approval on a community calendar policy in November of 2019 (see below).

Caro Area District Library

A class III library in Tuscola county with three years of community calendar experience that grew out of the Harwood conversations.

Fruitport District Library

A class IV library in Muskegon county.

Manistee County Library

A class IV county library.

Saranac Public Library

A class III library in Ionia county.

White Cloud Community Library

A class III library in Newaygo county.

Community Calendar Policy of Cadillac Wexford Public Library

Download file — application/pdf, 396 kB (405934 bytes)

Approved by the library board November, 2019. Staff and the director reviewed multiple policies in drafting this for their board's review.

Join Our Community Calendar Promotional Flyer

LocalHop will customize this flyer with your library logo for local use. Just contact them!

Download file — application/pdf, 104 kB (107114 bytes)

LocalHop's October blog post about why to host a community calendar, how to get started, and how to get others started. More to come!

They want you to succeed in marketing your community calendar. Reach out to LocalHop if you need promotional assistance.

Caro's Story

Caro Area District Library's experience grew out of the Harwood Conversations and the calendar is owned by the city. The Chamber of Commerce is also a partner and their calendar has been going strong for three years.

Their community encourages businesses to promote their activities and the library will contact organizations who have events listed on their Facebook page or in the paper but not on the community calendar. So, there is some community monitoring and calendar maintenance.

The library also run ads for the calendar in the pre-show on local movie screens. Caro doesn't have specific rules around what a contributing organization can post and they've never had a bad experience or an inappropriate post. There's more than one way to run a community calendar!

Caro Area District Library Outreach Tutorial.

Need some outreach ideas?

The pilot group brainstormed these suggested community organizations to approach first
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Government agencies
  • Community organizations such Lions
  • Groups already working with the library such as early literacy promoters
  • Rotary
  • DDA